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Love Alan Hannah dresses

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Hello everyone,


I have been following this thread for months and finally went ahead and took a chance on a deginer on Ebay. Maji-bride since the posted the exact same dress that I wanted.  I did talk to dressylime (sp) about making it but I decided to go with Ebay because of the protection to get my money back. 


I am really glad I did as I never had to ask for pictures.  She always just sent them to me to show me the progress.  She also sent me pictures of what lace I wanted so I could choose. 


Anyway, I am actually pretty happy with the dress.  It is simple as I am 45 (almost 46) and this is my second wedding so did not want anything fancy.


Thought I would see what you thought and several talked about designers working with lace.  My dress is almost all lace..








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