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Jellyfish Brides-Past_Present_Future.....

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There seems to be a large number of brides attempting to get in touch with Jellyfish to check availabiloity and confirm dates, thought perhaps previous or curent brides could provide insight and advice.


1.) How may email/call attempts did it take to get a hold of Mayte?


2.) Did you pay deposit to hold your date or did she just log it into the book?


3.) Once date was verbally issued did anyone have hiccups with date mix-ups or issues?


4.) Describe your planning process-ie: when did you discuss and confirm food/decor? How was it getting in tough with her...etc...


THanks in Advance..


Carolina :)


Jellyfish ceremony/reception: Feb.28, 2014

Majestic Elegance-resort for guests.

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1)  Pricing was emailed to me the next day. My request for a quote and general questions took weeks by email (i was also busy travelling, couldnt call). Katya Nova, our photographer, was VERY helpful and since she was married there she was able to answer alot of my questions. Seriously girls - check her out!!! I love her!


2 & 3) I was told my date was 'held' without a deposit, but when I emailed to book it - she replied a week later saying she was just waiting for someone else to 'release' that date as it was already held for someone else. I paid my deposit the next day, and received confirmation 2 weeks later that my deposit was received by them.  By the way - sending the funds from Canada is an extra $50 as we are responsible for any wire fees.


4) I requested a personalized menu, picking out items from a few different menu's - this was confirmed no problem for a reasonable price. Our date is May 6, 2014 so i wouldnt imagine we'd be getting into decorations, etc until the new year.  One of the biggest costs is food & drink so for budget purposes we wanted that sorted out ASAP.


Mayte needs an assistant - the poor lady seems so busy!  Its a good thing that she focuses on the wedding of the day and not stuck behind a computer - we will appreciate it when our day comes :)


The only reason I panicked about their turnaround time is because we were also coordinating our trip around May 6, 2014. Quotes were only held for so long, and once we finalized a date we only have 90 days to prepare invitations, mail them out and have guests pay their trip deposit to get in on the group rate.  Coordinating that was extremely stressful!


Happy planning ladies - we are here to help each other!

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