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Newbie - Moon Palace - November 2013

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Hi All!


I've been a member of BDW for a few months now (engaged since September 2012), but have yet to say hello!


My fiance and I have selected the Moon Palace for our Catholic wedding on November 2, 2013, and we could not be more excited!


Have any brides had a Catholic wedding at MP?  I have some questions about a few things (am very very overwhelmed!)


- We are expecting a pretty large turnout (probably 80-100), and would like to provide several events for our guests to attend (welcome party, "rehearsal dinner" for all guests to attend, ceremony + reception)- has anyone had a large event here?  Any recommendations?


- How did you handle the music (for both ceremony and reception)?  We'd like to have live music at the ceremony and a DJ at the reception-- any suggestions for either part?


- I haven't been able to find any information about bridesmaid bouquets-- are these offered and what is the price range?


- We selected the complimentary packages as none of the Colin Crowe fit with our vision for colors- what additional costs should we expect?


- Which buffet did you select, and how did you like it?  Anything to choose or steer clear of?


Would love to hear any suggestions, likes, dislikes, "wish-I-had-knowns", etc.


Thanks in advance--- SO EXCITED!!



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