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1st Anniversary Gift Idea

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Originally Posted by Helen_S81 View Post
Thanks for the ideas Amanda. Katie wouldn't mind any of those but I'm not so sure about Chris. So I got them tickets for Cirque du Soleil which is in Toronto in September. I figured this way it is far enough in advance that they won't be double booked.

Katie has seen Cirque before but a different show. This is more "their" scene I think :)
LOL...it's not Jeff's thing either! But thought I would mention it!
I had no idea Cirque was in town (move out of the region & I miss everything!! LOL). I think I'll have to mention it to Jeff...although I'm trying to convince him to take me to Cirque in Las Vegas!!!! bunny_4.gif

hijacked.gif sorry blush2.gif

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Of course i'm last minute. I just ordered the night sky poster that Carly posted about. I wish you could get a longer personzliation. I did a line from our first dance song but i'm not sure dh will get the meaning. I also got him a Flyers outfit for the baby that i saw him eyeing when we were registering and i got a Rockabye Baby cd of Led Zeppelin songs that he can listen to with the baby. I hope i get the poster in time. fx

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