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Moon Dance Cliffs 2014

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Hi All!!


I am new to this site but have already read so many helpful posts from past & present brides on the Moon Dance Cliffs wedding experience!  Our wedding is booked for 01/18/2014 & I am just in the beginning stages of planning with Kerry.  Any & all advice, recommendations, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!  If anyone could touch on the following, it would also be greatly appreciated:


1.  I would love any tips on traveling with decorations, favors, OOT bags & goodies, etc.  Did you just pack a suitcase with all of that stuff, divide it among bridal party/family?


2.  Working on planing a group excursion to Margaritaville & possible doing a drink & food package for our guests...has anyone done this during their wedding weekend?


3.  Going to do a Welcome Cocktail Hour on the Thursday night before the wedding when most guests are arriving...has anyone done something like that at MDC & have any ideas or tips?  I am thinking about hiring the band recommended by Kerry for that night as well, Front Page?  Any reviews on the band?


4.  For ceremony music, I was considering the steel drum band.  Has anyone used them for their ceremony & have any reviews or tips?


Thank you so so much, I am so looking forward to hearing back from anyone that can help me out in any way!!

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