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NEW Grand Bahia Principe Bride Take 2!

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Hello everyone!


I am excited to hopefully book my Wedding Vow Renewal with the Husband at GBPJ. I was wondering how many brides on here went with the Free package? Im looking at approx 52 guests but it may drop to 30 as we all know not all may make it. For those who had the free package did you find it cheaper to just add on certain things vs the other packages?...I sent an email and chose the sunshine package but after i wokred the numbers I found that there werent that many differences in the packages. Only difference was being accompanied to the Gazebo, Champaigne in the room upon arrival and upgraded "amenities" for the couple only...I just want something simple..simple fabric on the gazebo with a few flowers a simple two layer cake and a great dinner and we want to spend most of our budget on the photographer and with this outrageous $800 Vendor fee I can use those $700 towards that and just add onto other things...when I spoke to Donnalee she mentioned she only had a slot for 1:30pm is this too early..any other brides have had their ceremon this early?...if so how did you keep your guests busy?...Also after the dinner if the DJ is included on the packages is he included n the free package as well and for how long? I dont understand the renting of the Gazebo/DJ is the DJ is already included Im so confused!...any help from ANY of you on here would be GREATLY appreciated!...thanks a mil Im sure Ill have tons of other questions as well!

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