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GBPJ renewal of Vows ..Need Help Prior GBPJ Brides!!

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Hello, I am new to the forum and I like many others have TONS of questions..My husband and I are having our renewal of vows at GBPJ In July this year. We have been talking about it for about a year. Originally we wanted to have it at Dreams La Romana in Dominican Republic but we changed our minds...lol..since my husband is from Jamaica...so we finally decided to have it in July this year...I just want something really simple not too crazy...after all its jus a renewal but of course we want to make it special since we never had a wedding when we got married 6 years ago...We have been together for 14 years...So I finally called Donnalee and My first impression is that I felt "rushed off the phone" Which I can understand...they're busy ...now I chose the Sunshine Package Im hoping to have at least 40 guests, more than likely it will be less...I actually think that I will only have about 35...Now when I spoke to Donnalee she told me the only slot available for July is monday July 22, 2013...which is fine I took it...but the time is at 1:30pm ....is this good?...Is it not too early?...now I never had a wedding but after the ceremony is there a cocktail hour?, and what time will the dinner be?...Im guessing 6:30pm...also Ive read about the renting of the Gazebos and is the DJ included in the package??...hes like $350/hr! yikes...now I plan on spending most of the budget on the photography of course and this $800 Vendor fee is Bananas..Im just going to chalk it and pay for it...I see that some photographers will actually pay towards the vendor fee they applied back in August...outrageous! but any way....Can a past bride shed some light on this confusion?.... I kinda dont want too many long gaps in between...so here was my plan...



Sunset Package...

Rent Steel Drum Band $400...(to kill time for guests while The husband and I take photos and photos with family)

The Dinner---> Ive seen many recommendations on Dolce Vita (anyone opted to pay extra for the Jamaican menu? if so how much per person)


Contemplating weather or not I should rent the Gazebo/DJ for Dancing Later on...(if the DJ is included will I have to pay extra for this??) this is what confuses me...


The fact the 1:30 is a lil early it kinda concerns me as far as keeping my guests busy...


Thanks in advance too all of you!...I greatly appreciate ANY assistance I can get in regards to planning...

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