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Beaches Negril May 4 2013

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Hello Everyone,


I'm new to this site. Im just trying to get feed back. I'm having In May at Beaches Negril.


I'm having about 40 guess so I would be considered a Wedding Group. They giving us a free Rehearsal dinner. Can any one tell me how that is, I just found out they are on the beach but no DJ or anything. What would we do for 2 hours?



Another question I choose the Ultra Package for the Videography, Do you think its worth the 1400 or should I just keep it simple with the 500 dollar package?



Also what about the Bridal Bliss? $280 for trial hair session, make up session, manicure and Pedicure, bridal hairstyling and make up the day of the wedding? Only reason i ask because since i have 10 rooms or more i get a free manicure and pedicure so its kinda pointless to get this package if i get it free already. Then will i really need a trial hair session and make up session they should just be able to do it nice the day of the wedding. Im trying to do as least as possible.



Did any one do the Catamaran Cruise for the reception, I think this a great idea instead of a sit down reception but I heard its knee deep to get in the boat afraid my dress will get wet.

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