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Jewelry for wedding! Please help me choose and Post your pictures!

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Hi beautiful ladies, I just wanted to get some feedback from you guys. What did you choose for your wedding jewelry?

I am thinking of just doing earrings and a bracelet.


The ceremony colors are turquoise with red accents.


For the reception, I just kept the red since the restaurant is kind of a rich, warm color scheme with reds, oranges, and lost of wood so the turquoise kind of clashed.


Since we are doing a cruise wedding, ceremony is early and there is a big gap between ceremony and reception. I am going to wear a different dress for each (thanks dhgate for making that possible).


I pinned some of the styles I like on pinterest:





I appreciate any comments and help picking out what earrings and bracelet for ceremony and reception!


I'd also love to see what you guys wore or will wear!

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