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Group Rates and Discounts.

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Hello, I am planning on getting married here in 2014. It looks like a beautiful place with beautiful weddings. One thing I am wondering about is group rates. Can anyone tell me how much it ended up costing each of their guests after group discounts were applied? All our guests would be coming from Toronto Canada. Thanks!

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Hi AshTess,

We are booking April 2014 from Toronto and have contacted 4 local TA's so far, they have all said that 2014 winter pricing isnt out until May/June. They can certainly request current rates (which are terrible) but the group rates and promotions wont be out for a few months.  We are set on a budget of $1100-$1300 per guest and we have been quoted $1600+taxes so far for 3 or 4 star resorts.


Ive been told group discounts run from 10%-20%, and some tour operators offer no fuel surcharge/every X person free, etc. So with those perks it can significantly bring down the price per person (which could ultimately let you consider resorts in a higher price point).


Its tough trusting them and waiting it out, but now is the time to research the type of resort you want (adults only or family friendly, small or larger resort, etc). We are making our lists of resorts we'd consider so when we are presented with options we can pull the trigger right away.


I have been working with a TA out of Burlington, who has been awesome with response time and strong attention to detail - if you're interested I can PM you her contact info.


Good luck in your planning!

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