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Asia Pimentel

Engaged & Ready to Plan!!

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 Engaged & ready to plan!!
Ok You´ve got this beautiful stone on your finger since a few weeks ago, and your fiance has already stopped to run and sit with you for planning! yahoooooo and now what?????? Where to start?
Let's see

  •  You already have a 25 boards on pinterest with everything you want for your "big day"
  • You and your man already fought 75 time to pick a date and a budget uuuuffffff  
  • Your mom and your mother in law have given to you both their respective guest lists!  (What?? Who are all these people that you  and your boyfriend neither know? No way) 
  • Your best girlfriends are already planning that crazy bachelorette party. 
  • Now you are not sure if the dress that you like before is pretty enough.
  • Tthat ex friend  that you now  really hate has just received a stone a little bit bigger than yours and she is even trying to rob the spotlight from your wedding, (how she dares!)
  • you start to feel a little bit overwhelmed,  you really need to scape and then one marvelous revelation while  surfing the web,

          You want a Destination Wedding !!!


Jajaja Girls I hope your story to decide a Destination wedding it's not similar to  this, sorry I just got excited and let my mind  get too creative, Now what if you share with us your story about how or why you´ve decided to get married so far from home? Or maybe your story is quite like this and you can give us more crazy details about your elopement?  Or maybe you are just starting to play with the idea, and need some information, however, forget for a while all the stress implied on the  word "wedding"  and share with us some funny detail about  your planning, 

We'll be waiting for your stories.  :)




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