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Wanted: intimate (resort) venue for ceremony & reception in Playa del Carmen! Help?

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Hello ladies! :)


I'm a new bride looking for a resort in or near Playa del Carmen that fits the following requirements:


- Has a beach venue (or at least an outdoor venue with a view) for the wedding that is private. No other tourists or passersby gawking or taking pictures.

- Kids allowed, as our daughter will be around 2 yrs old at the time of the wedding. Nanny service is a plus!

- At least a 4 star


We would like a relaxed but elegant occasion for a wedding party of only 15 people or so. I'm thinking sunset, lots of candles, fairy lights, all white flowers, bare feet and cold champagne. Hubby-to-be is thinking pre-wedding day of surfing and Coronas. cheesy.gif

We haven't set a date or a budget yet, as want to first see what our options are and consider accordingly. :)


I would also be interested in beach clubs or similar venues, but don't want to hire a wedding planner as I have a feeling costs will spiral out of control if I do and don't want to be overwhelmed with choice when it comes to vendors. rolleyes.gif Working with the wedding coordinator of a resort seems like an ideal way to go.


Any ideas, tips or help will be greatly appreciated! 







P.S. We'll be flying in from Scandinavia so no possibility to pop over to Mexico to go venue-hunting before we book.. but hey, we're adventurous msnwink.gif

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