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Matron of honor quit!

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So I had my 2 cousins as my maids of honor (one maid of honor and one matron of honor). My maid of honor Caity has been really helpful and really supportive. My matron of honor Nicky has really been negative and hasn't been there as much as she should (even called the salon to order her dress instead of coming with me to try it on, on a day that she was right around the salon anyways). She was also not going to come to, or help plan my bachelorette because she "couldn't afford it" (even though that doesn't explain why she refused to help plan). Then she went out and decide to book one of the most expensive suites at the resorts for herself. Don't get me wrong I totally think people should get whatever room they want but she's complained about money for everything then gets an expensive room. Everything that we had to do by a certain date she waited until the last min after I had to remind her multiple times and would give me excuses that just added more stress for me. For example i had been telling my girls for 2 months that the date they had to put a deposit down on their dress and get measured by was Dec 15th. As i mentioned above she wouldn't meet up with me to get measured and said she was calling with her size and to pay. I reminded her a week before. Then the morning of the day it was due i texted her again to remind her. Not only was she not reminding the other girls like my other cousin Caity, but she responded saying she forgot and didnt have the money so she couldnt do it until next week even though she knew it had to be ordered that day. I had to tell her that this was the date the salon gave me and unfortunately if you cant get the dress then you cant be in the wedding. Then she says well I'll just use my husbands credit card and pay him back. If she could easily do that I don't understand putting the added stress on me of having to worry about it, and having to tell her that she couldn't be in the wedding I she didn't order it. Well her and my maid of honor got into a fight when she called Nicky out on not doing anything then complaining that she wasn't included. So my cousin Nicky quit. She's decided that she will come as a guest only, and I'm really not sure how to feel. I just think that she tries to make everything about her and isn't happy when it isn't, and that maybe it is for the best, but it still kind of stings. Anyways sorry it was so long I just needed to vent to people who might understand what I'm going through!

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