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My wedding in Grand Cayman

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I got married on Dec 22 and I can only tell you that Mary Ann Mehigan from Celebrations is definitely the best planner in Cayman. I understand now why so many people wrote on her blog that she was awesome... Before i signed with Celebrations i explored other planning companies but no, i didnt feel comfortable. I dont know why people said that Celebrations is more expensive or that they upcharged vendors...well noooooo that is totally false because they gave me tons of benefits, for example special prices for vendors, rentals and floral. I saved money and every dollar i spent was worth it because as my planner said, the goal of the wedding was to be cost effective and it was. :D Mary Ann helped me during the planning and make my life so easier...i arrived in Cayman on Dec 19 and everything was done and set. I thought will be good to share with you my experience...i will give Celebrations a

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