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Which Resort to Choose?

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Greetings Ladies!   What a wonderful resource and much needed as I begin to panic just a bit...


First, I am planning on getting married October or November 2013.  I have been late in getting started because we initially wanted to do a local wedding, but because my fiance is from San Antonio, the guest list was just getting out of control.  I also loved the idea of someplace in the Carribean or the DR, but I also want many friends and family to be able to attend - thus I am trying to keep the cost down which leaves Mexico.


Out of the locations, I am loving the Riveria Maya, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum.  I am still having issues choosing a resort and I am overwhelmed with the options.  I am working with someone from destination.weddings.com; however, I feel like she might be getting commission from certian resorts because she is definitely pushing in one direction.


Can someone give me some insight?  Here are a few of the things that I do know:


1.  We are expecting about 60 guests, want to find a location that is not too small (i.e. pricey boutique) but not too large (i.e. > 500 rooms).


2.  I don't want my ceremony on the sand - I want a gazebo or terrace overlooking the ocean, with then a cocktail hour on the beach followed by a dinner and dance reception


3.  Ideally, all-inclusive for ease for my guests


Thank you to all that can provide some insight!   I have been a nervous wreck in trying to find the perfect location and I just can't do it alone!  :)

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Welcome to BDW addy!welcome.gif It is a fantastic forum with so much information and advice for planning your destination wedding :) I personally got married along the Mayan just about 2 years ago, and I can tell you it was amazing.


In terms of your wish list, most resorts offer multiple locations for weddings (sand, gazebo, halls, etc.) so no worries there!


I have travelled down there a lot with my husband and can suggest the following resorts to perhaps get you started. As a couple of pointers think about the following to help your decision making:

- will you be using an adults only resort, or should it be family friendly

- budget (how much are you willing to spend for the trip). Not that it will be exact, but looking at the prices currently to those resorts, will give you a base to start from (ie. is it selling at $900/week, or $2000/week)

- is food quality important? Or is everyone just a burger and fries type person?

- how many weddings a day does the resort support? Some will only do 2, others up to 8.

- how far away from the airport is the resort? Do you want to be close to Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum so you can shop easier, explore, etc.?


So from there, here are a few resorts to consider:

- El Dorado Royale (adults only)

- Dreams (family friendly) (there are multiple Dreams properties next to each other, so you can use facilities from the different sister resorts)

- Karisma's Azul resorts (Beach, Sensatori, or Fives) (family friendly)

- Grand Pallidium (family friendly, with one adult only section) (similar to Dreams, multiple sister properties besides each other)

- RIU's (mix of family friendly and adult only)

- Excellence (adult only)

- Moon Palace (family friendly)


Once you figure out which resort you plan on using, I would suggest finding a travel agent who can help arrange the best possible deals and also take care of all your guests. With a large group you may also be able to get group rates or discounts from hotels.


BDW has a great travel agency who only deals with destination weddings, so they understand what you're going through. And they get many bonus deals depending on the resorts. For more info you can click the link below if you're interested.


Best of luck, and if you would like more specific information feel free to ask. Or you can review the resorts using the Resort Reviews section above.

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Congrats Addy! and welcome to our forum community - an excellent resource of info + support to help formulate your plans for the wedding of your dreams here in our incomparable Mayan Riviera!


Here are a few signature shots of wedding "moments that matter" Linc captured with his crew at a some of the resorts Murmel suggested.


Dreams Cancun........



Moon Palace..........









El Dorado Royale.......


Wishing you all the best with your plans and that you have the perfect wedding of your dreams!


team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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