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I'm a newbie again! Maybe this time.....?? Yes!!!

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Hi and Congrats to all you future Brides; this is my story: 


We attempted to be married in 2008 in Maui, but 3 weeks before the big day, my divorce didn't go through due to a technicality; a mistake made by a new girl at the court registry  :(   We decided to get 'maui'd' anyways with  all the vendors paid for, but of course it had to be a commitment ceremony instead, not legal. 


Here it is almost 5 years later, and I am very excited to say that my divorce finally went through!  (Seriously. I didnt have the heart to proceed when we got back...it was too painful to start the whole process again. 

SO I'm very happy to say that I'm surprising my man with my divorce being final,  with a photo album of romantic boudoir pictures (very soft and sexy) asking to marry me for real!  I even went ahead and booked the special day in Maui  for the Spring, because for years he has been asking me to marry him for real...


Thats my story....

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