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Le Blanc Cancun is the best location for a wedding!!

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I've been meaning to write this review for a couple of weeks now, but I have finally have got back into the swing of things, so here goes. I recently returned from Leblanc Spa and Resort and we stayed from 9/26/12-10/4/2012. I had done extensive research trying to find the perfect location for my destination wedding when I came across LeBlanc. I had just booked at The Dreams Cancun but after viewing the hotels website along with a collection of visitors' personal pictures, I knew I had to switch my reservation! I cancelled the reservation for Dreams and had booked with Leblanc almost a full year in advance. By the way, this was our 4th reservation being that we are two women who needed a symbolic ceremony, not everyone was thrilled to oblige. Le Blanc had no problem with the fact that we are two women and made us feel completely welcomed!! The staff and guests were so excited about our wedding it was such a breathe of fresh air! I never once felt uncomfortable or unwelcome, whatsoever.  I purchased their signature Wedding package and began planning the wedding. They real finalizing of everything happens about 2-3 months prior to the Wedding date so all of you OCD brides, need not worry because these Wedding planners will take care of your every desire! (I know thats so crazy to think because I use to think the same thing, like yeah right, but they really go above and beyond)Initially, we started working with Elizabeth in the Wedding reservations department who was such a joy to work with! She is very upbeat and on the ball! Every one of my 8 million questions (lol), were answered promptly and with a smile! A month prior to the Wedding date, our information got transferred to the onsite coordinator ,Diana, who was absolutely amazing!! We met her the first day and started planning. They had some baby sea turtles that were set to be released that week and being that my wife is a HUGE animal lover, we inquired if that would be an option for us. Diana took it upon herself to have the biologist hold off until our wedding date to release them! She allowed only our wedding party to release them right after sunset, each of us having at least 2. We released them between cocktail hour and our reception. It was amazing!!!! I can never repay her for the unforgettable memory she provided to myself and everyone in my wedding party. They could not stop talking about it! It was a breathtaking addition to the happiest day of my life! (our ceremony began at 5, cocktail hour at 6pm and reception started at 7pm) I chose to have the ceremony in the gazebo and the reception on the blanc wind Terrance. OMG these areas were decorated beautifully and I think these our the best options for a wedding venue at LeBlanc! Our colors were black, white and Tiffany blue. I was a little worried that the areas would look bear, being that I only went with the decor included the package beside opting for black spandex chair covers( which looked great!!!). It was just enough for us! We had about 12 guests and opted for the King table. The food in our wedding was BY FAR SOME OF THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER TASTED!! I am not just saying that. I am a very critical person and I was one of those people who were constantly up and down these review feeds weekly at least 8 months prior to my visit. With all the good reviews, I was almost looking for things to be wrong with this property. We had over 10 people waiting on us. Every time someone went to the bathroom their chair would be pulled out and they would be escorted to the restroom. We were treated like royalty!! Eduardo on the Wedding dinner staff was so great! So personable and my drink was never empty. He was even offering shot suggestions and really making us feel so welcome!  We brought sparklers for the end of our ceremony and included all of the staff as well. It made for an amazing picture with the Cancun skyline. Our cake was a picture of something we had seen online, we sent it to Diana and compliments to the kitchen because it was duplicated wonderfully! We also chose for a harpist and went with the pictures included in the package. I also purchased the CD of all the pictures taken at the ceremony and the little photo session right after the wedding. Photographers and video were great but I wish my budget would have allotted me to go with someone like Del Sol. My wife got the full hair and makeup package keeping her busy the entire day of the wedding! It was so calming and she loved being waited on hand and foot all day. Enerida was the woman who worked on her and who was absolutely amazing! She gave her a picture of a hairstyle she printed online and she duplicated it to the T! Makeup was all Mac products as well! They even provided her with a Bridal suite all day with a full meal spread and any type of drinks you could ask for. Her bridal party was catered to and everyone is still talking about the service at the spa! Virginia in the spa was so sweet and so attentive! They are really there to see that you are 150% satisfied! I have never been to a resort that is so determined to make sure you are having the experience of a lifetime and I have traveled the world. I definitely see why they have won the 5 diamond award 2 years straight! Sara, who tended to us on the beach and by the pool was the best server ever!!! She had the most beautiful spirit and genuinely cared about us. We were ordering an obscene amount of drinks and shots for our entire party and she was hustling back and forth! My cousin had a cut on her leg and Sara made sure she got a bandage and asked about it every time we saw her thereafter! The staff makes you feel like family! We even wrote her a handwritten thank you note along with an additional tip because of the genuine concern she had for my family and I. Raul the greeter is amazing. His swag at the front door and welcoming hello was always pleasant when we were coming and going. That coconut milk and cool cloth you are handed upon arrival, is absolutely great!! Be careful though, the coconut milk is addicting and my bridal party is trying to track it down somehow here in the states.  Francisco our butler was great as well! He would even hit the elevator button when he saw us coming down the hallway. We did not have one desire that wasn't met. We utilized the room service quite often as all the food is amazing!! Bvlgari toiletries were heavenly! I even had to go out and buy it here in the states. I love that smell!! We were also supplied with a Chi flat iron and a Chi hair dryer at no additional charge. Who does that??!!??? ;) It's the little details that set this location apart. Francisco filled up our jacuzzi, put rose petals around and had a bottle of champagne waiting on us at least 4 out of the 7 nights! Heaven!!! The romantic dinner that was included in the Wedding package was delicious filet mignonette and shrimp. They set you up with a candlelit table with roses on it. They also allowed us to get the Honeymoon package as well, which was a bonus! I will only have to warn brides of one thing. If you have a group coming in and want to coordinate an excursion, allow everyone to book individually. We had a miscommunication at the excursion desk which did not become apparent until a good portion of my wedding party was set to check out. Le Blanc corrected it after I had to raise my voice pretty loud and requested to speak with the General manager. After it was all said and done, LeBlanc took care of it and offered us a free upgrade for when we return. After speaking with the general manager, himself, I was reassured customer service is their #1 goal. I will be returning for our 1 year anniversary and possibly even make this location a yearly stop. The price may seem a little much but you get all that and the some in return. I spent almost $5,000 alone on a week stay and was constantly called crazy by all my family members stating they could find an all inclusive for $250/ night. All I can say is you get what you pay for! After our stay, we honestly have set the bar so high, I don't know how we will be satisfied traveling anywhere else. Hats off to Andreas and his staff. This is truly the # 1 resort in Cancun, hands down! Sorry this being so long, but I noticed previous brides that wed at LeBlanc didn't write many reviews. Hope this helps! -Chelsea Tossas

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