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Ocean Blue Sands!!! HELP HELP HELP

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My fiancé and I have been trying to communicate with the coordinator at Ocean Blue Sands without much success. We have been trying for the better part of two weeks. We have been getting more response by going though the wedding coordinator from the Mexico ocean sands! We just found out there are no dates available at the resort for the week that we booked our vacation, even after sending the credit application and allowing them to take payment! We were wondering if anyone has ever been in this situation and if they had any advice. We are now thinking that maybe we could have our wedding at another resort and pay for a wedding package there? Does anyone have any advice or even know if it's possible to have a ceremony at another resort while staying somewhere else? We are at our wits end! Some thing that was to be fun is now turning into a nightmare. We have our families booked at this resort and now this might not even happen! Please help.:(:(:confused::rolleyes::mad::eek::confused::(

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