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Best websites for viewing / saving dress inspiration

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Hello ladies!


Here are a few I've found that are good so far:


The Knot - search functionality is not great and although the dress gallery is good, (and i LOVE the save function) - I feel I've skimmed through them all

Weddinggawker - love this but can only save the first image

Weddingwire - I am using this for my wedding website but the search functionality is terrible! I really want to be able to skim through the galleries but they only have the option to view maybe 20 per page, which throws me right off. It's so off-putting to see 'page 1 of 150' - let me 'view all' please!!

David's Bridal - weird site, it's like it just decides to work whenever it wants. It's crashed on me numerous times.

Pinterest - very good obviously, but I kinda want my faves to be private for now


I really want a lace topped dress (if that makes sense) and I would love to be able to save all my faves to one place. What's happening to me though is that I'm signing up for loads of websites and only using maybe 20-30% of their functionality because they are all limited in one way or another.


Is there any fantastic overall website to save photos?

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