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Moon Palace October 2012

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Help!  I'm getting married at Moon Palace in 3 weeks and am having a hard time getting information about the ceremony.


We are doing a civil ceremony, but from what I understand that is fairly short and formalized.  We would also like to have more of a regular wedding ceremony with a reading, sand ceremony, and our own vows.  My planner says we can do this but can't seem to explain how it all works. 


Has anyone done this?  If so did you hire a minister in addition to the judge that does the civil portion?? or Has anyone done the civil ceremony there and what does it entail?  Does it seem like an actual wedding ceremony or is it a 5 minute official process?


Thanks for any help!

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Congrats silvergirl11 and welcome to the forum! you'll love your Moon Palace wedding because it's such a beautiful place - as shown here in one of the magical wedding "moments that matter" we took there ......with more at the album link here..https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150887507374487.429474.18683524486&type=3

wishing you all the best with your plans :)



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