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Dreams- Puerto Vallarta

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Hello Everyone,


We recently booked our wedding at the Dreams resort in Puerto Vallarta Feb 2013.

Any suggestions?


I understand that the reception ends at 10.30pm, but some brides had moved to the Desires Sports Bar, is that a big deal with the resort?  Anyone do this?


Also, what kind of decorations are included with the "Ultimate" package.


How was the food from the "Gold" menu?


Thanks for you help ladies,


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Hi Anna,

we too have just booked our wedding at dreams PV for May, 2013. The reception ending time is something I really wonder about with planning. I spoke with the coordinator and she said to avoid a 1030 move, we could book a restaraunt (for an additional $2000us). It sounds like they do a relocation with most weddings, so I would hope that it can go smoothly.

Our travel agent is looking into whether it would make more sense to take the wedding in paradise and hire the photographer, florist etc. on our own, as we were quoted $20 for this package and $85 per additional guest for the other two packages. When I asked the WC about additional decorations of the ultimate package,she didn't provide details. All I can see is one additional centerpiece. All linens seem to be white with each package... 


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