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"Must haves" for a successful beachfront wedding in Puerto Vallarta or Mexico in General

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Most people associate beachfront weddings with easy going romance and carefree planning. The reality is that it is quite the opposite unless you hire a professionally designed wedding package, otherwise you will have much to work on and this may cost you more than a package deal in the long run. Expenses and stress will usually be higher by the time it is all said and done when you try to do it yourself with a long distance wedding. Many brides think they will save by avoiding the wedding planner fees or getting the cheaper package with wedding planning included they found on the internet. However, who will make sure the vendors are solid performers and trustworthy?
My recommendation is to check company references with independent reviews like a wedding location site such as this http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/martoca-beach-garden-bucerias/d129e6d3873c1702.html or friends on the vendor´s social media site or other vendors in the area may also coment.
On Facebook I like to go down the older posts and see what people have said about the venue or how brides react to the blogs or posts. In the pictures usually the brides comment on how it all went and also vendors who worked together on a wedding may have good or bad comments. These are obviously not advertisements so it is a trustworthy opinion you can count on.
Another way to make sure you are correctly and successfully planning a great destination wedding is once you find a location you like, then, go to You Tube and search the videos on the place. You will see more than pictures and get a much better idea of what the venue or the wedding planner´s decorations look like and how happy people may or may not be. If there is no You Tube video I would suggest you ask for one from the vendors you want to work with and if they cannot produce one most likely this is not a good sign.
Your planning should be updated for you by your wedding provider via a conference calling system you prefer with your wedding services provider at your convenience. With updated payments and schedules you will be more relaxed and focused. In case of additions or suggestions you may need or have so basically then it will all be discussed as if you were here in Puerto Vallarta enjoying the sun and planning on site.
We recommend may good wedding planners and vendors in the area. Please email us with your questions and I will give you references and reviews on each vendor you may want to verify. Be well and be in love amigos! Jimmy

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