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Puerto Vallarta Wedding Secrets for a NON hotel wedding

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Hola Brides and Grooms!

If you are looking to get married in Puerto Vallarta you need to know a few great nuggets that will help you filter out some options and narrow your search. There are the usual suspects such as hotels of course but I would like to touch on more special, off the beaten path wedding options. Hotel weddings are fine if you want to be conservative and save. But if you have the right planner and take a few more minutes to search, you could combine your stay in a hotel with an extaordinary day away from the hotel and enhance your vacation and your guests Mexican experience. Just the drive alone to a different area is a great eye opener for some guests. Remember that you may have been to Mexico before, but many of your guests have not so having them explore a bit more than the resort or the resort area is a huge plus for your Mexico extravaganza!

So here is the scoop, for about the same amount of money (Maybe 2 or 3,000 dollars more  depending on your taste and decorations, you can find gems such as private wedding venues that specialize in private custom weddings in different locations and that will give you some invaluable bonuses well worth the extra expense: For example, you will actually have privacy and not share your day with drunken tourist at the pool or hear the microphone of the activities guy at the pool. Or, you will most importantly create a wedding setting uniquely for you and your guests and you have the bonus of touring them away from the hotel to see other areas of Puerto Vallarta. So it is a double or triple whammy!

Your guests will be happy and interested to see other areas of the bay and you will have a private unique setting for your wedding without interruptions and unwanted or unpredictable onlookers. So think about it. It is almost like giving them a "free tour" that they normally would pay 60 to 70 dollars each to do on their own. Most venues that are not hotels can accomodate up to 80 guests. They will have great beaches, installations and all the connections and even handicap accesible bathrooms. Puerto Vallarta is not only a city, it is surrounded by many towns and beaches and actually the best beaches are not in Vallarta proper! They are either north or south of the actual city. Villas may charge you for staying there with your wedding party so it can be more expensive than hotels but there are venues that do not force guests to stay there at all. This allows your guests to stay anywhere they like such as high-end resorts, all-inclusives, villas, condos, cheap hotels, camping or with friends. You are not limited anymore to one type of lodging. I have brides that tell me that there guest list includes people with much money and broke college kids. So they are glad when they find a place where they are not forced to make people choose between avoiding the wedding altogether, or go broke, or in debt to get there. So that is another advantage of independent venues. Lodging usually is walking distance or a 10 dollar cab ride away, most venues can set up transportation anyway for all kinds of lodging arrangements. Everyone can come!

So that is my friendly advice for those who want another option. Explore these tips for your wedding before deciding. I promise you will be glad you did.


Visit us at Martoca Beach Garden at www.martoca.com for information on our venue or any free advice on getting married in Puerto Vallarta area. Even if you are not using our venue or if you are thinking of a hotel, we love to help if we can. We do not plan weddings outside our venue but I can sure give you advice for free if you like.



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