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Looking for jamaica Wedding Photographer!!

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Hello to everyone who maybe looking for a photographer for your wedding in Jamaica at the Gran Bahia Principe. I am getting married april 12. 2013 at this resort which I have visited in the past. I have been researching photographers in Jamaica due to the resort packages that are offered is not ideal. The photographer I have found is Stacey Clarke she has the best package offers where you get her all day up to 10 hours and if you would like trash the dress photos you can split up your time within two days. She has a very unique website, so if anyone is interested you should really check her out. If you do Decide to go with her tell her that Krista Potter recommended her. The reason why I am saying this is because each resort charges the photographer 800.00 to come onto the resort, so if she can get more weddings the day before or after mine then her fee will be discounted and so will yours!!! 

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