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Occidental Grand Xcarat

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Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so I hope I put it in the right place lol


My fiance and I are getting married at the Grand Xcarat on June 18th of 2013. I've found a few threads on the Occidental Xcarat but they are all really outdated.


I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom about booking, reception/decoration.


Still trying to decide on which site to get married at (I've attached pictures below)



Gazebo 1.jpgGazebo panoramica.jpgGazebo.jpgmaya.jpgMayas.jpg

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My close friend had her wedding at the xcaret last june and it was a sensational time. She chose the gazebo as her wedding spot and it was beautiful. After the wedding, we had the champagne toast then went beside the gazebo which overlooked the lagoon and took group pics. The lagoon was lovely, very private, and my FI and I brought snorkel gear and there was quite a lot of fish to see. We went for walks along the grounds and the ruins were nice, but I think the picture looks nicer than what it really is. Perhaps I'm biased to the gazebo because that's what I've seen. The only thing my friend said she would do differently is the walkway up to the gazebo is all rocks, and she, along with her BM's had a hard time navigating on the loose stones with heels. I would recommend that if you do select the gazebo to request that you are married closer to the front of the gazebo entrance instead of placing the wedding table in the middle/towards the back of the gazebo. It will help with your pictures so you get a little bit more natural light and your guests can see you better.


Happy planning

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