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Shoe question for people wearing their wedding dress during their ceremony on the sand and later or again at a reception...

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Originally Posted by Tlseege View Post


My January destination wedding bride had an amazing solution to this which I thought was SO cool! 


Her seamstress actually sewed in little white buttons on the bottom of the hem.  She did it in such a way that you couldn't really see it from outside the dress.  It was super awesome. 


So for the ceremony where she was barefoot, the dress was buttoned up.  Then for pictures we took it down so she could wear adorable heels.  Then she just buttoned it back up for the reception so she could wear flip flops.  And finally, for her AHR she will just unbutton it and wear her heels again! 


It was the first time I had seen it and I thought it was so cool!

That is an awesome idea. What a great seamstress!

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