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Majestic Colonial or Elagance in Punta Cana (need any info and pics.)

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Hello Ladies..And Gents, if any are out there..


As some of you already know my Fiance and I were set on Atlantis/Cloisters on Paradise Island in the Bahamas... (May 2013) But this weekend we haved turned in a new direction. Punta Cana!


We came across the Majestic Resorts and the rooms are absolutely amazing and they are all inclusive!! (For the same price that we were going to pay for a non-inclusive) To us this just seems like a better route, not only for our guests but also us.


Soo I have many questions to ask, so if anyone can answer all or one I am all ears.. or eyes.. lol..


  1. Do they offer group rates? (What are the requirements and possible prices?)
  2. What photographer do you recommend, and possible prices? (I've read there is a $300 fee for vendors, does that mean Majestic has their own Photogs? If so, would love a list)
  3. What to do for a reception dinner? (I've read that some people do a free dinner? And some pay about 70pp or so)

I'm really just looking for a dinner for our family and friends after the ceremony because we are wanting to do an at home reception with dancing, etc for everyone back home.


Would love pictures of ceremony locations and/or package information for these two resorts..


Thanks!! :o)

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