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Grand Palladiu Bavaro - Possibility Wedding Location - Help Please!

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Hi, I am just recently engaged (yay!!) and we are looking at doing a destination wedding at this resort. We are having a hard time decided where to go and finding a location, but looking at some pictures that I've managed to find this seems to be in line so far. Just a few things that I'd like to know from those brides who are currently working with them or have just recently been married there.


1. How did you book the resort? Did you go through a travel agent or contact them directly?

2. What package did you choose? Did you have to choose a package? (I like some of the things that they offer in the package but they do not have the colours that I am using, red and white, and would like to adjust so that they are used)

3. Did you bring your own decorations or used the ones they provided?

4. Could you do a spiritual ceremony there and have a legal one done in Canada?

5. Did you have a private room for your reception or was it part of a restaurant?

6. We like the tradition of a wedding but without the cost, did they have a place for you to have a party? a club or private room?

7. I'd like to do a slide show of pictures of myself and my groom during the reception, did anyone do that? if so additional cost?


These are the questions I have for now. We haven't booked this resort yet just looking still. We have time before we need to book as we are not getting married until November 2013, I just want to have a good time and have my guest feel that the money they spent in coming was worth it.


Thanks so much to any advice or tips that anyone can give me.




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I went to a DW at the Grand Palladium Punta Cana (not bravaro, but I think it would be similar) in 2010.  It was great! The couple did use a travel agent for booking.


The ceremony was in the gazebo, very pretty, the resort did the decorations. I'm not sure which package they had.  They also had a trio band playing during the ceremony.


The only problem they ran into, was they were told they could pay everything via credit card, but found out when we arrived that the photographer required cash.  They did not have enough cash and the resorts ATM was out of order. The bride and groom had to take a taxi off the resort to get cash out.


The reception was in one of the restaurants, they did rent out of whole restaurant so no other hotel guests were there.  They also had the DJ and dance in the same place. The DJ was from the disco, so the reception only went until 11pm.  The couple had a really good time. 


I am planning a DW as well, but a different resort. The advice this bride has given me about it is make sure you write down what pictures you want for the photographer; ie you with each bridesmaid separate, parents, etc. and give it to them when you sit down with them before. You will be too busy the day of the wedding to think of little things like that. 

Hope this helps a bit...

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