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Destination Wedding Book - Now (pardon the pun), I have to plan it!

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Hi everyone, 

Goodness I'm glad I found this forum with so many other Brides you have been married and plan to marry at Now Larimar. 

I have booked my Wedding for April 2013 (Yes, I kn, it's crazy far away).

But after reading through a lot of your posts, I can see that planning might be a little more complicated than I had anticipated. 


I would welcome any suggestions.

I have booked my vacation through Sunwing. The company offer Wedding Coordination at an additional fee. 

I had been thinking about maybe doing this (these coordinators assist in communicating with the resort, and handling the details with the wedding coordinator at the resort on your behalf).

After reading how many of you had difficulty getting in touch with the woman at the resort, I'm thinking this might be a good idea. 

What do you think?

As well, what is the best way to get in touch with a wedding coordinator at Now, and advise them that you have booked a Destination Wedding, and would like to reserve your wedding date? My biggest nightmare would be that I couldn't actually get married while there with everyone, because everything is book. 


Thanks for your help ladies :)

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