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I am in SHOCK right now reading this horrible review that Tropical Occasions does NOT deserve!!  I usually do not sit and write reviews but this one makes me so mad that I must counter attack.  I am a picky bride... I am a nervous bride... and I want everything perfect.  Guess what, my day was so perfect and I couldn't be happier.  Here is my experience with Tropical Occasions:


Words cannot begin to express the thanks we have for Aimee & Karen. They both did such an AMAZING job with our wedding. It exceeded our wildest dreams. For all the work they put into our wedding, I am surprised they didn't charge more than they did. They are very reasonably priced and worth every single penny. Our dream wedding was a reality because of the positive vibes in the air, the people who were there but most importantly because of all the hard work and gorgeous design expertise from Tropical Occasions. I still have guests telling me how gorgeous everything was, all the details were just perfect! It was the nicest wedding all of our guests had ever been to (huge statement, but very true) We had SOOOO much fun!  We cannot stop thinking about that day and how perfect everything was. We are 100% satisfied and so are our parents. They kept telling us how wonderful Karen & Aimee were that day and how happy they are that we chose them as our wedding planners. We cannot get over the vibes in the air that day! Nobody argued, instead everyone just had tons of fun and showed so much love and I truly believe it's because such a gorgeous, fun and happy day was planned. Karen and Aimee put so much effort into every single detail from day one and their hard work and dedication truly showed and we are FOREVER grateful!

As a nervous bride, I can promise all you brides out there that there is no more worrying if you choose Tropical Occasions. Every single email, concern, question, comment etc was answered in a timely manner. I didn't have to worry at all. Now that the wedding is over, I actually miss the day to day chats. My husband and I feel as if Karen and Aimee became our friends over the year of planning. We felt at ease at all times and there was always a solution to everything. Even 2 months AFTER the wedding, they continue to help us! We were having problems receiving our wedding video on time and so we reached out to Karen and Aimee and they completely handled everything themselves and our wedding video arrived on time :-)

I wish I could go back in time to re-live our magical day but we have ever lasting memories, pictures and videos. We are just SO happy we chose Tropical Occasions because we have the most perfect memories to live with thanks to them.

We strongly recommend you choose them to also have your dreams come true :)

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