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Restaurant Options for Reception Dinner- COBA, off-site florists

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Hi Ladies,


Wow! First off I'd like to thank all of you wonderful brides and brides-to-be for taking the time to contribute to this forum. I have found it EXTREMELY helpful and reassuring!


My wedding will be taking place May 8th, 2012 at the Coba resort, on the beach. 80 days remaining woohoo!


My questions pertain to the reception dinner.


I see through reading previous posts that most people have been pleased with the food/service provided through the a la carte´ restaurants. My Fiance´and I are both vegetarians (though I eat seafood), as are a number of our guests (who do not eat seafood). We are hoping to have traditional Mexican food for the reception dinner.


  • Can anyone recommend an on-site restaurant that might accomodate this?
  • I would appreciate reviews on any of the restaurants on the resort.
  • Can people staying at the Coba resort attend restaurants at the Akumal and Tulum sections of the resort?


We're not set on having Mexican cuisine (just thought it would be festive and suiting given the destination), but really what it boils down to is we want the food to be delicious and for there to be vegetarian options.


Also, has anyone gone ahead and used an off-site florist (ie- Maya Diseno Floral or other)?

I'd very much appreciate some more details on how this was received by the resort (Any hiccups? Additional costs?) and what you thought of the final product.


MANY thanks!


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