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Our DIY Boarding Pass Invitations - kris9685

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Hello!!! Well we have just finished our boarding pass invitations & got them in the mail this week. I cannot believe we are less than 3 months from our wedding now!! Here are some pictures along with some tips from our experience. I learned so much from this site & got so many ideas from others on here & I wanted to post ours in hopes this can help other future brides.


First I used the Aylee Bits free template. I used it mostly for the shape outline & created rest of the text based on ideas I saw from others' postings. I also downloaded a few free fonts: hibiscus, barcode, & scriptiva. I used Pages09 to do all of my editing. Lastly I created the circle seals in Photoshop Elements. 



Here are the envelop liners I made. I used the same idea as my passport STDs just repeating the image over & over in a Pages document and cutting it to fit the envelop. We used no-wrinkle glue to keep them in & only needed to apply it to the top flap. The flower is actually the letter 'J' in the hibiscus font which is fitting b/c its the first letter of my fiance's last name.

Envelope liners


Here are all of the invitations lined up & ready to go!

all ready!


close up of the invites:

close up


close up of our seal:



All 4 pages fanned out:

all 4 pages


Here are the document views of the pages. Since I had 4 tickets in the invite for printing I designed 3 tickets per page and printed 51 copies then the Return ticket/RSVP 17 times. That gave us a few extra for errors.

pages 1-3 document view


RSVP page


We used white standard #10 envelopes for the whole invite & Bar4 for the return envelopes. The return ticket was perforated on either side so the RSVP information could be torn off & returned. It fit in the bar4 envelop perfectly.

both envelopes ready


Lastly, here is my biggest caution: use forever stamps. We had a bunch of left over stamps from our STDs & holiday cards & used those. On Friday we put everything in the big envelopes, labeled & sealed them. I was going to take them the next day to the post office to get weighed & the wedding stamps. The next day, Saturday, it snowed so I didn't go to the post office & on Sunday my mom called & let me know the price of postage was going up 1cent the next day. I checked the stamps we had left over & they were not forever stamps. Therefore we needed to somehow open the sealed invitations & add 1cent stamps to all of our RSVP envelops or they wouldn't get back to us.


We searched the internet for 2 days looking for ways to open the envelopes without ruining them & being able to re-seal them cleanly. In the end my dad had a heat gun. We were able to heat up the envelope seals & slide a spatula across to open them, This however killed the sticky factor. so once we added the 1cent stamps to the RSVPs we used a no-wrinkle gluestick to reseal them. This worked so much better than I anticipated. The only things to watch out for were to not let the head gun get to close or stay in one spot for too long or it would burn the paper. Also to be patient- we had to give it a few seconds to heat up the glue, if you rushed it would rip the paper. If you ever forget to put something in an envelope this was so easy to do & once resealed you couldn't tell the difference.

heating open



I think thats everything. I hope our story & pictures help someone else on here with their own wedding. Good luck!


...now onto the pre-travel pamphlet & OOT bags oye!




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