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Majestic Colonial Review ~ Dec. 30th 2011-Jan. 6th 2012

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Majestic Colonial Review


First off I would like to thank everyone for their advice and reviews on the Majestic and on destination weddings in general, it was all a huge help in planning my dream wedding!


Travel Dates:  Dec. 30th 2011- Jan. 6th 2012 through Sunquest Vacations


Hotel:  The Majestic Colonial was AMAZING!  It was always clean and the staff were so friendly!  I would like to give a special shout out to Leo at the front desk who took special care of us.  He always had a smile on his face and did everything in his power to make our stay the best ever. 


Rooms:  The rooms are great!  Very clean!! I will warn you that the bathroom is not private so you may get to know your roommate a little bit better by the time your trip is over J   The swim up suites were the best as it was a great hangout for our entire group.


Pool:  The pool is like nothing I have ever seen before!  It is huge!!!  Itâ€s about 4feet deep throughout except for a few parts near the edge where you can walk in.  The pool pretty much extends the length of the resort.  We took many trips from our pool spot to the swim up bar and back.  It was like a dream!  You can only swim in the pool during the day (however that did not stop us from jumping in once or twice at night!)


Beach & Ocean:  The beach and ocean was outstanding!  It was a bit windy on the beach but it was a very warm breeze.  The ocean temperature was at least 75-80F. There were a few rocks on the bottom on the ocean but they were few and far between.  There were always enough chairs to sit on and lots room to build sand castles.  On New Years Eve we went night swimming in the ocean!  I would highly recommend it! 


Weather:  The first few days were amazing, lots of sun and very warm temperatures (80-85F during the day and maybe 75 at night).   The last couple of days it was on and off showers and partly cloudy.  The best part was that it was never a wash out of a day as showers would come and go. 


What to pack:  Pack lots of sundresses, shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops.  Make sure to tell the guys to pack long pants as there is a dress code for some restaurants.   The golf course has a dress code but most of the guys got away with wearing shorts.


Food:  The food was amazing.  We enjoyed the buffet (closest to the lobby) the most.  It always had a huge selection of food, which worked out well for everyone in our group. 


There are some restaurants that you need a reso for.  In that case you can book it through guest services.  I would suggest doing it a soon as possible as some of the restaurants (especially the Japanese one) fill up fast.   I would not recommend the French restaurant.  The food was just so so, nothing like the other places.  The Steak and Seafood restaurants (next to the beach) were fantastic.  Itâ€s in the same “building†but one side is seafood and one side is steak.   The Japanese restaurant was our favourite!  If you want to go there make a reso asap!  Itâ€s fun to watch the staff cook the food right in front of you.


Illness:  Ok I am not going to lie most of our group of 60ish people got sick at some point during their stay.  For the most part it was diarrhea and throwing up.  It usually lasted for about 24-48 hours and then they were better.  Some of us took Dukerol and some did not.   Honestly I couldnâ€t tell you if it made a huge difference or not?  If I were to go again I would pack Imodium!!!  Pepto Bismil did not seem to help.  You can buy Imodium at the pharmacy on the resort but itâ€s a lot of money!!! 

I could not tell you anything specially that got people sick I think it was just different food than we were used.  I did not take Malaria pills before I went but some of our crew did.  I did get quite a few mosquito bites but I have not been sick (yet!!)  Only drink bottled water!!!  Brush your teeth with bottled water as well (just to be safe).


Suggestion: pack Imodium, make sure to get your hep A and B shots, and ask your doctor for antibiotics (just in case) it worked out well for one of our crew who got a bladder infection.


Spa:  The spa was incredible!!!  I would highly recommend a massage!!!!  We all got our hair done and everyone was very happy.  They have lots of pictures there for updos to choose from.  I would NOT have my makeup done there!  I loved the staff but their make up skills were not good (picture bright blue eye shadow with pink lip stick!)  Bring your own make up and have someone you trust do it for you.


Photographer:  This was by far our best decision!!!  We choose to bring our own photographer.  When we looked at the prices for photographers from the resort and compared it to the cost and time of our own photographer, who we knew and trusted and it was a no brainer.  I know it says that you have to pay extra for that but just tell them itâ€s a cousin or aunt that is taking pictures for you as a wedding gift.  Judi and John from Stone Photography were OUTSTANDING! 



They came with us and took pictures all week long!!  We even did trash the dress photos the next morning in the ocean.  Judi and John are both friendly, professional, incredible photographers and overall amazing people!!  No question, if photos are a priority for you bring your own photographer!


Wedding:  Ok now to the good part.  We started off emailing back and for with Sandra from the wedding department at the Majestic Colonial.  She was great.  We could always expect an email back within a couple of days that answered all of our questions and more.  Closer to the date we worked with Dyra, who was one of the wedding coordinators at the resort.  She was amazing.  So friendly, so accommodating and very knowledgeable. 


We choose to have the decoration package for the wedding ceremony on the beach and the decoration package #3 for the reception, which we wanted to have outside but moved it to the ballroom inside due to rain L.  The decorations were fantastic!!  Everything looked beyond perfect.  In the end the ballroom worked out!


The beach wedding was at 5pm, which I loved because it was not as hot and there were fewer people on the beach at that time.


We choose to have a private reception from 6:30-11pm which I am very happy with because we had a lot of people, several speeches and really we just wanted a more traditional reception.  We paid for a buffet dinner, which included beer, wine, champagne and sodas.  I was thinking of paying the extra money for the liquor but I am glad that I didnâ€t.  If people were desperate for hard liquor they could walk a few steps to the lobby bar for a drink.  The meal was amazing, the staff were incredible and the sound system was perfect.  Jason and I choose to create our own playlist of music on our laptop and hook it up to the sound system at the resort (for an additional cost of $300.00).  We were very happy with that decision. 


After the reception we went to the lobby bar and continued to drink.  We choose the lobby bar over the disco.  I am sure if we were all in our late teens or early twenties the disco would have been perfect but the lobby bar was more suited for people in their late twenties/early thirties all the way to our most mature guest in her 90s.


Hiccups:  Everyone needs challenges in their life right?  If thatâ€s the case we got one on our wedding day (Jan. 3rd).  We were in the spa getting our hair done when my sister came to me with some bad news, my mother had fallen and hit her head on the marble counter top in her room.  To make a long story short she was rushed to the local private hospital where she had to stay for 24 hours.  She ended up with a cracked skull, concussion, lots of bruising and several stitches.  In between crying and worrying about my mom I spoke with Dyra (our wedding coordinator) and she moved the entire wedding from Jan. 3rd at 5pm to Jan. 4th at 5pm everything was the same just a different day.   Dyra was SO AMAZING!  Yes we were lucky that the next day was available but regardless Dyra did anything and everything possible to accommodate us no questions asked and no extra charge. 


It was a nightmare that turned out worked out perfectly in the end.  Our real wedding day, Jan. 4th was incredible.  My mom came home from the hospital that morning, the spa washed and styled her hair so it covered here stitches.  The spa also redid everyoneâ€s hair on the 4th for free.  I canâ€t even being to tell you how grateful I am to all of the staff (medical, spa, Dyra, guest services etc).



Overall: We had an outstanding time at the Majestic Colonial.  I would highly recommend it to any bride who desires a destination wedding of their dreams. 


I would be happy to answer any question you may have in regards to the resort or regarding destination weddings in general. 


Once again thanks to everyone in the group of all of your reviews, advice ideas etc!!!




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