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Maui has too many options for coordinators/vendors! It's making me crazy!!

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#1 MauiBrideToBe

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    Posted 29 November 2011 - 07:29 PM

    Okay, so I've been engaged for 5 weeks now and when we decided on a destination wedding on Maui, I was ecstatic!  I'm usually super laid back (one of the many reasons I love Maui), and I'm definitely not normally neurotic, but I just want our day to be perfect... Unfortunatley we are unable to do a scouting trip, and we're on a limited budget, so I'm really having a hard time deciding on a coordinator (or if we even need one?) and vendors, etc.  It's a pretty big deal to put SO much trust and money into these people, and there are just SOOO many to choose from.


    We've got our venue down since we have rented an estate off VRBO and we're just going to stay there with our friends and have the ceremony/reception there, or on the beach below it... but I'm struggling to find the right coordinator and caterer, vendors, etc.  I've been thinking that maybe I'll just hire the coordinator for a lesser cost if I just have her arrange the officiant and organize the licensing, certificate, photographer, etc. and then I can firm up the other vendors... I've been in contact with a few different coordinators now, but I'm getting such varied quotes, response times, etc.  I've also heard some catering companies can be super helpful with the reception portion by setting you up with rental chairs, tables, linens, entertainment, fowers, etc. too.  So what to do!!??  I guess I just have to make some judgement calls and decide where to spend the money...


    This site has already been so helpful, and I really appreciate all the reviews and posts.  I sure hope everything works out!  If anyone has any advice or comments I'd love to hear them, or if you're going through the same thing maybe we can work together :)





    #2 cherylming

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      Posted 30 November 2011 - 01:17 PM

      Hi, I know how exactly you feel and I am having the same feeling. There are tons of planners there and hard to choose. I contact a few so far and probably are going to sign with Lori from Tropical maui wedding. She sounds reasonable and she's very responsive. She has contact with one of the best Photography Marbelle from Maui so it's a benefit to contact her. She's not cheap though and charges a lot for coordinating but she doesn't have hidden fee and no extra % on booking vendors. My wedding is next year so we don't know if she's going to put everything together like we expect but so far she's been nice....This might not be helpful but just to tell you that you aren't the only one being overwhelmed....

      #3 MauiBrideToBe

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        Posted 01 December 2011 - 07:42 PM

        Thanks for that cherylming.  I think my brain was a little mushed when I wrote that, and although I'm still overwhelmed, I know that everything has its way of working out ;)


        I have been in touch with Lori from Tropical Maui Weddings too and she sounds experienced and lovely.  I know she has an all inclusive package, but I still worry that there are hidden fees on top of that somehow... I'm sure if you're on top of things that it will all make sense.  I'm gonna take my time with these decisions and maybe try to clear my head a bit.  Maybe we just have a case of wedding overload lol!  Once the important coordinators/vendors are booked, then I'm sure we'll be able to relax a bit :)


        Conartulations to you and maybe we can keep in touch or help each other.  If anyone else has opinions or wants to help (or vent!)... go for it!!



        #4 cherylming

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          Posted 04 December 2011 - 10:15 AM

          Yeah Wedding overload!! I am very close of signing a contract with Lori and start to let her book my vendors. She sounds sweet and is the most responsive WC so far. Plus I want to use Marbelle as my photography so I think using her wouldn't be too bad since she knows them....But....I have been dragging to sign the contract for the same reason you were saying....I don't know what could be the hidden fees but I somehow don't 100% trust them or any of the planner...It's hard to tell. I am thinking that I would call those vendors directly and asking the price.. this way we would know if she's charging anything on top of her package....Her package isn't cheap comparing with others so I assume that it's going to be like what she said and no 20% of the booking fee....


          Who else have you been contacting with? Did you find anyone else sounds legit?


          Keep in touch!!

          #5 cojeep17

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            Posted 11 December 2011 - 11:31 AM

            I am the groom here but very involved in the planning process. We chose Cherise at The Perfect Wedding. We have had a long engagement and we were able to go to Maui to visit the venues and meet with Cherise and other vendors. Cherise has always been on top of things for us and very responsive. She has been right about what she recommends and always has our best interest in mind. IMO her cost is not bad and there are no hidden charges. She gets her set fee and then everything else is what has been negotiated. No additions or suprises yet. Wedding is in May 2012. Her website: http://www.theperfec....com/index.html


            Concerning photography we chose Tradewinds Photagraphy. Tracy does amazing work and is very pasionate about it. I have seen some of the others work and there is no comparison. I have not seen the ones mentioned in this thread though. His site is http://tradewindsphotomaui.com/


            Hope the helps but maybe it add another person to the mix causing more confusion.

            #6 MauiBrideToBe

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              Posted 13 December 2011 - 12:11 PM

              Thanks for all your input!


              cojeep17- I have been in contact with Cherise and she sounds really great... I'm happy to hear that you're so involved with the planning!!  I'm sure your fiance appreciates your help :)  I'm gonna look into Tradewinds since I haven't heard much about them.


              Happy planning everyone!

              #7 ashlimarie

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                Posted 17 December 2011 - 12:34 PM

                Hi, I am also planning a wedding in maui and would like to rent a house to stay at/have the wedding at and i'm wondering which house you booked from VBRO. Thanks for your help in advance.


                Cheers, Ashli

                #8 MauiBrideToBe

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                  Posted 19 December 2011 - 10:17 AM

                  Hi Ashli,


                  Congrats to you!  I can tell you that the VRBO # is 224969.  Here's the link to the house on VRBO:




                  Or try this one- more pics. If it takes you to a couple houses then just click on the Sunrise House, otherwise it should take you to the right house- this link can be funny to work:




                  I think I checked out almost every house on VRBO and then chose this one because it slept the most people for the best price- and we liked the location... Also, the event fee for holding the wedding (yes they all will charge an event fee) was the most reasonable.  Alot were wanting to charge $3000 just for having the wedding there- and that includes nothing!!  The rental agency was easy to deal with and just an FYI that there's also a house behind this one on a different proerty but owned by the same people... must be nice hey!? 


                  If you are considering to do have the wedding at private property, just be aware that there are noise restrictions everywhere on Maui, and one of the other reasons I chose this house was because there are no neighbours directly beside the property ;)


                  Let me know what you decide or if I can help in any other way!  Good luck!


                  #9 ashlimarie

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                    Posted 21 December 2011 - 11:39 PM

                    Thanks MauiBrideToBe:) And congrats to you!

                    Thanks so much for all the information. The house looks great. I will check it out for sure.


                    I hope the rest of your planning is going well.


                    Cheers, Ashli

                    #10 HappyNLove

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                      Posted 29 December 2011 - 06:39 PM

                      Hi! I just looked into this new site and have to tell you that Darren of Bliss Maui (www.blissmaui.com) has been a dream to work with. He was born and raised on Maui and had so many connections that he also got us people to do activities, luau's and even got us in touch with his travel agent who got us a great deal on not just travel but with rooms! He has been such a great person and I would recommend him to anyone. PLUS he is also a florist at www.kuolanifloral.com. He had some great ideas for me that I had no idea was possible, like using my dress and wedding invitation to make my wedding my own! I love working with him! Take a look and call him! He really knows everyone on Maui!


                      We are getting married in June in Kapalua. At first we had already chosen a location that we were ok with but not estatic about. He made a couple of recommendations and sent us pictures and he even went to one of the properties to take pictures of what it would look like at the time of our sunset wedding. I LOVE HIM!


                      Most coordinators will charge 20 to 25% for their services and Darren gave us a deal on his fees. He has been a real gem to work with!


                      Good luck,



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