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Passport Invitation, Boarding Pass STD, Luggage Tag Reply Card- Templates & Pics!

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I just added the basic templates we used to make these to our website www.mygrandoasis.com ! They are under the pre-designed ones and free to download! Let me know if you have any questions! :)



Passport Invitation (We printed the 3rd page on the back of the 2nd page)

Cover Only.jpg

Passport Invitation Page 1.jpg

Passport Invitation Page 2.jpg




Boarding Pass Save-The-Date (We printed 2nd page on back of 1st page) We also mailed these with magnets we got for free from vistaprint! (Just paid shipping)

Boarding Pass.jpg



This is the magnet we got from Vistaprint

Save-the-Date Magnet.jpg



Luggage Tag Reply Card- We have 3 different designs for this on the website. We cut the corners off where it is marked, punch a hole at the top and tie a ribbon through it. (Again, we printed 2nd page on back of 1st page)

Luggage Tag Front.jpgLuggage Tag Back.jpg

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