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Sandals La Toc St Lucia 2013--Outdoor reception area?

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Hello BDW I am getting married on Valentines Day 2013 (yay)


I really wanted the Flutter of Romance package but cant see paying that much extra for it so Im doing a BB theme with an upgrade to my flowers and his. My MOH and the best man can have what comes with the package. We will most likely use the waterfall gazebo.


My two main concerns have been..



I dont see where Sandals St Lucia offers video streaming- since our kids and most family/friends wont be there I wanted them to see it as it happens.


I have decieded on Mikael Lamber for the pre wedding pictures (before or after the rehersal) in a basic long white dress (so I can lay in the sand hike the hills to get those high up pics) with my FH in white button down and shorts.


Wedding day, I will have to use the house photographer and hope for the best.



Does anyone know if there is an area in La Toc that has an outdoor reception area (not the pavillion)? I've heard that private receptions are in a conference room setting--not ideal for me. I think I will need at least 2hrs with my guest.



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