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Yoga for health and wellbeing

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Yoga is one of the ancient and extremely reverred systems of Hindu philosophy. Practising yoga has become a fashion nowadays; it has also been incorporated into various exercise regimens, thanks to its great relaxing and therapeutic effect. The HR teams of some MNCs too advise the employees to practise yoga, to beat the stress and keep all illnesses away. Even the age-old healthcare system of India, Ayurveda has included yoga practices for treatment of a lot of ailments. Many an ayurvedic health resort in India teaches and encourages the visitors to do yoga on a regular basis.


But the ultimate aim of yoga is not providing relaxation to the stressful mind or being part of the curative therapies. It is aimed at providing the individuals the ultimate enlightenment. Yoga and meditation had been practised by the sages of ancient India and it was a method for them to increase the self-awareness, which in turn allowed them to transcend to a higher spiritual realm.


But nowadays, yoga is mainly perceived as a physical exercise; it is also included in many therapeutic practices. Yoga helps to wipe away all the negative thoughts in the mind and thus it cleanses the mind and various physical exercises included in the yoga practices assist in improving concentration and flexibility of muscles. In short, yoga provides a mental and physical balance which acts as the prime factor towards leading a healthy life. 

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