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Phenomenal Wedding Photographer - To Fly From NZ, Share Flight Costs? August 2012 wedding in Cabo!

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Hi everyone! I didn't really know how to word this message but I'll just put it out there!


My fiance and I (I am a New Zealander, my fiance is from St Louis, Missouri) are in the early stages of booking our wedding in Cabo, most likely in the first week of August but we are flexible at this stage. 


I am dead set on having a photographer who took the pictures at my best friends wedding two years ago when I was bridesmaid.  She is absolutely incredible, the pictures are breathtaking.  My fiance suggested that I put this option out there, that if there is anyone looking for a photographer for any date in August 2012 who is keen to share the photographer's flight costs in order for us to both have her take pictures, i.e. I will work my wedding day around yours (we are keen on a Friday wedding anyway!).


Please check out her website and message me for details.  She would do a full day of shots and prices include all orginals and an album.  For this, I believe its fantastic value for such an incredible photographer... flown in especially from New Zealand! 




Please let me know if anybody is interested in talking more about this!  PM me for pricing details.


Thanks heaps!



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