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outdoor heaters, did you use them!?

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hi all!  i just posted about my fiance and i planning a destination wedding in santa barbara this fall!  the only thing i'm worried about is the reception.  i've heard it cools down quite a bit at night, especially near the beach.  i've been to too many receptions where i was freezing, and i don't want to put my guests through that!  i've been thinking about getting some outdoor heaters.  did you use them?  or did the location that you were at use them?  i've been looking online (I'm from Montana, we don't have patio heaters  lol!)  here are some that I like, but I'm game for any suggestions, price isn't an issue  (top pick so far here: Patio Heater)


thanks for your help!  especially anyone who's familiar with Santa Barbara temperatures!

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