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Best Tour Company-Riviera Maya- GREAT DEAL!!!

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We just had our 4th of July wedding in the Riviera Maya and we used Sauce Vacations tour company for transporting our guests to and from the airport and the resort as well as to give our guests an "Adventure day" before the wedding.  We decided to give our guests a Coba ruins tour in the morning and then went to the Tank-ha eco-park in the afternoon for zip-lines, cenote swims and canoeing.  I was absolutely THRILLED with the tour.  Our guide at Coba was an actual Mayan who spoke 4 languages and knew lots, and we enjoyed hiking up the ruins and using the "mayan limosines" (Mayans with bike carts) to get back to the vans.  Coba was great and actually more shaded and cooler than Tulum had been with far fewer people so I think we enjoyed it more.  We then moved to Tank-ha and were blown away.  We were the only group in the park and it's an incredible natural paradise.  I've been to hidden worlds cenote park and this was far superior especially since we had an all-ages group where not everyone wanted to do zip-lines.  There was something for everyone here!  The cenote  was crystal clear and the equipment was perfect.  We ended the day with the most amazing meal we had in Mexico.  There was chicken and rice and vegetables with guacamole and tortillas for making tacos.  Everything was falling off the bone and we are still craving the unbelievable food.  The adventure day was a bonding experience for all my guests so that when it came to the wedding everyone knew and was dancing with one another.  It couldn't have been better.



The best part of the tour was the company.  YOU WON'T FIND A BETTER VALUE!!!  The price of the tour we chose was almost half the price of other bigger tour companies offered through the resorts and they made sure to take care of us no matter what.  Some of our guests arrived earlier than we did but because we made our reservations with the company earlier, they were on-time and  waiting with their signs even through we hadn't met with them to pay them yet.  This will not ever happen in the states and it felt great to be taken care of like this. 



I can't recommend these guys more.  They made our wedding weekend something that we and our guests will never forget and it felt good to not feel taken advantage of as we did with other tour companies. 


Just as a note...if you're a small group you may have to pay in cash because not all of the vans have credit card machines but if you have a large group they will certainly work with you.  Just google sauce vacations (there are 2 websites, one is under construction) and email them to make your reservations.  You won't regret it.



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