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Marble Staircase at resorts?

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I am currently in the "research" stage of my engagement and trying to nail down where I want to stay / have my wedding in the Riviera Maya.  


I've tried searching this out, but am having some difficulties - I am looking for a resort (reasonably priced please) that has a venue for an on-site wedding that would have a staircase that could be decorated as sort of the "aisle" to the ceremony.  I want to wear heels and worry that if I had a beach side wedding I would fall  haha :/


If anyone has some good ideas of venues (pictures would be nice too!) I would be super happy!





PS: I've been looking into a lot of private yacht rentals as well for a group of 15-20 MAYBE up to 30 that serves a nice dinner ..... would consider this for the reception ....



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