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Sandals Montego Bay Reception- 11 am ceremony

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Hi! My fiance and I are getting married at SMB in May at 11 am. I have already paid for the 1 hour cocktail reception. Now we are debating the 40/pp lunch option or the 50/pp dinner option. The main difference between the two is the menu is a little different and lunch serves beer, wine, and champagne. Dinner has a full bar. We are worried that if we just go to a restaurant for lunch, it will be a little informal for what we would like(french fries or buffet?) The WC said we probably not be able to sit together at dinner. Also, we are not having a reception at home. Has anyone upgraded to the dinner or lunch? What about the 1 hour cocktail around lunch time? Also, I was hoping to play either cds or IPOD at the reception. Does anyone know how much they charge for speakers or player? Thanks!

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