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Okay girls.... so I'm not so sure if this has been done before, but I am going to offer this to a bride that is getting married on


FRIDAY July 15 or SATURDAY July 16 of 2011 in PUNTA CANA .   pinkie.gif


I have 20 group rate seats leaving from JFK (NY) going to PUJ on Jetblue for MUCH MUCH less than the published fare.


This is what happened, I took have 10 seats on Wednesday- Sunday (July 13-17) for the rate of $624  and 10 seats on Thursday- Sunday (14-17) at the group rate of $684. These rates on Jetblue are now $812 and $852 which is OBSURD and they are ONLY GETTING HIGHER!!!


I have put a deposit down of $1000 ($50 per seat) to hold these seats until you have to ticket on May 13. Jetblue has said they will give me a credit, but suggested that I can sell them to someone else who may want them, and I will be able to TRANSFER everything into THEIR name.


The supervisor has made this suggestion to me and it was very nice of her because these Jetblue rates will not make the current fare of $852 lower, they will just go back in at the higher rate.



Obviously  for you to be interested you must:


1) Be having your wedding in Punta Cana

2) Having more than 20 guests leaving from JFK

3) Must be having your wedding on Friday July 15 or Saturday July 16 2011



This is really a great deal, so before I make my desicion of getting my deposit in a credit, I wanted to put it out to all you brides who your guests are saying "NO" because they can't afford $900 per person for flights!!!!


email me at nbrittell@hotmail.com or PM me if you are interested or if you know anyone that might be interested.





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This is great idea!!! I will also be getting married in Dreams Punta Cana but getting married on Aug 26th. Good Luck with everything !! 

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