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Jamaica Elegant Weddings/Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa

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My Husband and I got Married Nov 2010 in Jamaica; We had a great time,everything looked better than I had imagined. My husband and I got married ON our resort (Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa) and had the reception OFF the resort (Using the services of Jamaica Elegant Weddings).

I highly recommend using the services of Jamaica Elegant Weddings, Dawn the coordinator did a fantastic job, she stayed within my budget and gave me more than what I could have hoped for in a reception. We also loved our stay at the the Hilton Rose Hall we would recommend it for a wedding ceremony or just a vacation, it was beautiful.

We decided to get married on the resort (Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa) because a "free" wedding package was included with our stay, it was beautiful but with our upgrades it was not free. If we had gotten married off the resort at the same place we had our reception it would also have been beautiful.

We had our Reception off the resort with Dawn from Jamaica Elegant weddings, I think this was the best decision I made. We had our reception off the resort because the cost of a reception for 22 total people at our resort was terrible. The Hilton wanted us to pay for our guests meals even though all our guests had already payed for all inclusive, there was a set up fee,fee for an open bar, and you had to rent the area you were having you reception at 1000+, even though we were already all inclusive. So I decided to look elesewhere for our reception. We wern't going to pay the Hilton anymore money, for something that we and our guests had already payed for. I choose Dawn from Jamaican Elegant weddings because she was able to stick to my budget, and she seemed sincere.  I started planning my receptioon with Dawn in the Spring of 2010 (was married Nov 2010)  Dawn was easy to deal with via e-mail, I was nervous planning a wedding reception via e-mail and I was nervous sending money to someone we had never met. I would highly recommend Dawn's services, she stayed within my budget and had many great ideas. She gave me the elegant reception I had always dreamed of.

We had our wedding ceremony on the resort( Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa) because we had a "free wedding ceremony" (although with the upgrades we used it wasn't free). Our ceremony was beautiful, we were married on the East Lawn Gazebo(which I would recommend because it seemed more private and it seemed to shelter us from some of the wind). On arrival at the hotel we made arrangments to meet with the Resorts Wedding coordinator; We met with her a few days before the wedding and we picked our flowers,location,we made upgrades to our "free package", and she told us the plan for our big day. Everything went pretty smoothly, our violinist was late 30+min, and we were still charged full price for that, which was too much. Besides the violinist being late everything else went according to plan. The weather was great,the minister was fun and full of personality, the violinist was late but fantastic( I marched down the aisle to Bob Marleys Redemption Song). After the ceremony we cut the cake(which was delicious, and included in the free package) and had some champagne, then the resorts photographer (Patrick) took more family/friends shots then he took my husband and I off to have some shots of just the two of us. He did a fantastic job!! I was nervous about using the resorts photographer because I had no idea how the photos would turn out, but  I love them.

After our photo shoot on the resort we were greeted by our wedding coordinator for our rception, her name is Dawn form Jamaican Elegant weddings(We had met with her earlier in the week to finalize plans for the reception).  My husband and I and our 20 guests boarded a mini bus that transported us to our reception, which was held at Satori Resort and Spa about 15- 20min away from our resort. We had our reception at sunset on the Lawn of  this small, newly renovated hotel; it was beautiful. The resort has a large lawn and a small private beach. Our reception was elegant, intimate and romantic. I loved the location! Dawn, the wedding coordinator did an amazing job of putting everything together. It was better than what I had hoped for. The food,decoration,flowers, the steel band, it was more than what I had hoped for.

The food at the reception by was made the chef at the Satori Resort, we had Jerk chicken,pumpkin rice ,veggies it was very good. We also had a wedding cake at the Reception which was also very good, we ate that along with fruit salad for dessert. The steel band at the reception was great, they played music all night long until it was time to go back to our resort. We had an open bar for our 20 guests, which was a big hit. We had our first dance on the private beach of the Satori resort, while the steel band played, it was very romantic and private. As a wedding favor we gave our guests Jamaican Appleton Rum and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Dawn put these together for us, they were a great wedding favor.

We had a great time at the reception, it was perfect. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our choice to have the reception off the resort. It was so private, we never seen any other hotel guests while at our reception; it was our guests and the workers of the hotel, we would never have been able to have this type of privacy and intimacy with our guests if we had stayed at the Hilton Rose Hall for our reception.


I'm going to post the thread to some of my pics from the Wedding and Reception, if you have any question i would be happy to help. If you have any trouble seeing my pics, send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to send you some pics. ; thorntonemma@hotmail.com






















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