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Help with STD/RSVP/Invite Timelines. ..

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    Posted 22 August 2007 - 06:15 AM

    Hello all, Myles here.

    I'm hoping that someone can help set a clear and decisive timeline for the STD/RSVP/Invitation process.

    I am a little confused. . .we are sending out our STD's within the next couple of weeks. With the STD's will be a small note that says please RSVP online or via email by X. It will also instruct them to call our TA at the same time as RSVP'ing with us in order to book their room.

    Keeping in mind our wedding is May 26, 2008 and the resort is going to require a head count anywhere from 30-60 days before the date. . .

    Question 1.) How long should we give them to RSVP/Book their room by? (this is the date stated on the Save The Date note)
    Question 2.) How far after this should we send out our official invitations?
    Question 3.) Do we send another RSVP with our invitations? One that we will want them to mail back? (We're in the U.K. . .guests in Canada. . thumbs down to shipping costs!) or is the official invite just a formality at this point and a separate RSVP card isn't necessary? If another RSVP card should be included here what return date should we put on it?

    I think that's it. Thank you everyone!


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