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Hi everyone!


Just joined this blog, I'm getting married at the Blue Bay on March 17th, 2011. So far so good with Nadia and now Patricia. We are having 45 guests, dinner (semi private) in the French restaurant (heard it's great and photos look nice!). We're having a 'welcome' dinner on the 13th in the Italian restaurant ($12/person).


I'm struggling to figure out which 'extras' are really worth it. I was thinking of the dance floor ($150), bamboo torches ($15 each), and maybe stereo system ($250) for an after dinner party from 8-11pm (then just join the beach party from 11-1am), but not sure who else has done this or what you suggest. We're thinking of bringing out own ipods with a play list instead of a DJ to save $$ but also to make sure it's the music we like. We just by good speakers for the ipod and use instead since it's not that big of a group...


I got a bunch of photos emailed to me on the ceremony set up (extra for everything!!), but looks like the 'basic' set up included in the packages is very nice so not sure I'll add anything to that. We're getting married on the beach at 4:30pm.


Any other suggestions much appreciated!!!!

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