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External Photographer Policies & Fees

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Here is listing of the resorts we've visited in the area. We have compiled this list of each of their external photographer policies (at the time of our wedding shoot). Please keep in mind their rules change often. You must always confirm permission to have us enter the resort as your external photographers.

If you are looking for a resort that is not listed here, we have not yet had the opportunity to capture a wedding there.

Aventura Spa Palace: Upon arriving at the resort the bride was told external photographers were not allowed, but they would make an exception, just once (and we've only been there once).

Azul Sensatori: $500USD fee, or minimum 3 nights stay.

Barcelo Maya Colonial,
Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe,
Barcelo Maya Caribe,
Barcelo Maya Beach,
Barcelo Maya Tropical:
Barcelo Maya resorts often change their policies. Most recently we are required to be guests of the hotel for the night. In the past, they have had a $300 fee but have on other occasions completely refused external photographers attending weddings.

Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda: We were able to access the resort without a problem. The bride took care of details but I believe they were required to purchase day passes for us.

Catalonia Yucatan,
Catalonia Riviera Maya:
Both times we attended we spent the night as guests of the hotel (for a TTD shoot the next day). It is possible you could get away with purchasing day passes only. Either way, we've never had an issue.

Ceiba Del Mar: Rules have recently changed. There is no fee to enter the resort, but they do require a copy of all the images taken at the hotel.

Dreams Tulum,
Dreams Cancun:
Day passes only. Entrance is always a breeze. I believe day passes are $45USD but could be double when extending coverage into the evening.

Dreams Puerto Aventuras: Required we have a room booked for the evening, staying as guests of the hotel.

El Dorado Seaside Suites,
El Dorado Royale:
$500USD fee or minimum 3 nights stay at the hotel.

Excellence Riviera Maya: Day passes required.

Excellence Playa Mujeres: Day passes required

Gran Bahia Principe Akumal,
Gran Bahia Principe Tulum,
Gran Bahia Principe Coba:
We have shot here twice, as exceptions to their rule. Recently they have stopped allowing external photographers on the premises. They offer one local photography company for use at your wedding. Since they do make exceptions, it is worth asking your wedding coordinator but I believe their rules have gotten more strict lately.

Grand Coco Bay: No fees, no problems.

Grand Palladium White Sands,
Grand Palladium Kantenah,
Grand Palladium Colonial,
Grand Palladium Riviera Maya,
Grand Palladium Royal Suites:
Required we spend the night.

Grand Riviera Princess,
Grand Sunset Princess:
Day passes required for each of us. Evening passes required past 5 or 6pm. They are/were $45 each.

Iberostar Paraiso Beach,
Iberostar Pariso Lindo
: Mixed answers. We have shot there approximately 4 times. A couple times they required we spent the night, and the others were told we weren't allowed but they would make an exception.

Maroma Resort & Spa: Completely welcome here. No charge.

ME Cancun & Beach Palace: Permission was not an issue although I'm not sure if there was a fee at all. Either day passes, or nothing at all.

Moon Palace: We haven't heard a straight answer to this question yet. We have shot there twice now and haven't had a problem. We do require brides are upfront with the wedding coordinators and specify we are local photographers. We've had to spend the night twice and most recently we are only required to have a day pass. They have their own photographers on location and push hard for you to use them. From experience here, if your package includes video and photography there will be ALOT of photographers fighting for space. If you hire us it is best to cancel the photographer included in your Moon Palace package.

Occidental Grand Xcaret: Day passes required.

Ocean Turquesa: Originally the bride was told she couldn't have external photographers but when she mentioned she wouldn't be booking her wedding there without us, they quickly bent the rules. We required day passes and accessed the resort without a problem.

Paradisus Riviera Maya: Day passes required.

RIU Palace Riviera Maya: $100 fee per photographer

Royal Playa Del Carmen: $100 fee per photographer

Secrets Maroma Beach: Day passes required. Entrance is never a problem (and we love shooting at this resort!!)

Sandos Playacar: Another "exception". Bride was originally told "yes" but upon arrival was given another story. The wedding coordinator said we were not allowed, but they would make an exception.

In conclusion, there is usually an exception to every rule here in Mexico. If you ask before confirming your wedding they'll be more likely to bend the rules for you. We ALWAYS require the couple to contact their wedding coordinator for permission. This listing above is based on our experience but here you just never know. Please contact the resorts directly to confirm their policies.



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