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Hi everyone...i am new ( Romania )

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Do not stop God's Word!

Hi all. I'm from Romania and I am glad I am among you on this forum. I am a Christian and those wanting to share faith with you by my Christian site: http://www.crestinabsolut.webs.com/'>http://www.crestinabsolut.webs.com/ Please visit our website, you could be very helpful. Dear moderators ... Please do not delete it as not a spam! Christian is just a site that could change your life! Let you know God better! Thank you and God Bless.

Christian is the virtual space where we invite you to seek God's path together to understand truth and to find life. Scripture is the foundation of this forum is completely open to a discussion of both the trust in God's Word, and all those who opposed to the beliefs or orientations: http://www.crestinabsolut.webs.com - Christian wishes approach to be a Christian can come to understand and grasp the Absolute God, an absolute…

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