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Carnival Miracle Cruise Wedding Review

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I'm copying the review I posted on Cruise Critic....we were married aboard the Carnival Miracle on 8/19...it was definitely our dream wedding!


Here's the review!

We're back! Everything was amazing and we're sooo happy we decided to do a cruise wedding!

We thought most of our guests would be late (they usually are) so we told everyone to get to the port at 10:30 instead of 11, the time we were told to be there. To our surprise, we got there around 10:25 and almost all of our guests were already there waiting! We all had to wait for Aisha, the day of WC from A Wedding For You (NYC does not use The Wedding Experience), to get there before we could start boarding, but she told us she would get there at 11 so we hung out with our guests until then. Well, at 11 am, she still hadn't arrived so Carnival brought us through to priority boarding. Aisha met us about 10 minutes later.

Day-Of WC from A Wedding for You - C

She did help things run smoothly, I guess, but I suspect it was more the Shipboard coordinator, Alexandra, than Aisha. I had several guests comment on her attitude after she left and she is standing with her arms crossed looking like it's torture for her to be there in our wedding video. I didn't realize this at the time or I wouldn't have given her a tip.

Shipboard Coordinator, Alexandra - A++++

Alexandra was fabulous! She really took care of us. She made sure we all had whatever food and drinks we wanted, took the time to talk to each one of my guests and really get to know all of us. One of my guests stepped on the back of my dress and my bustle broke and she was right there with a safety pin to fix it. She came to visit us at dinner every night and kept us informed on all the things going on around the ship. It was like she was part of our family by the end of the trip, and we miss her already!

Photographer, Albert - A+

Albert was awesome! Our pictures look like they came out of a magazine! He sent us a postcard invitation to come look at the rest of the pictures, and at the top of it was one of our pictures. It took us a few minutes to realize it was us...that's how good the pictures came out! We thought some of the positions he had us in were awkward and uncomfortable, but he knows exactly what he's doing!

Videographer, Vlad - A

At first we weren't going to do the video, but we are so glad we decided to get it. Everything goes by so quickly, so it's nice to have the memories on dvd.

Ceremony in the City Room, A+

We sent a ceremony script to A Wedding for You about 2 weeks before the wedding, so the officiant already knew what wanted. We did have a few minutes to meet with her individually before the ceremony to sign the marriage license and speak with her briefly. She was such a sweet woman, and she really gave us a beautiful ceremony. We chose 2 readings and did the unity candle ceremony. Everything was perfect. We stayed back a few minutes to take bridal party and family pictures, while the rest of our guests went to the reception.

Reception in Frankenstein's Lab, A+

Even though there's a huge Frankenstein in the room, it didn't take away from the atmosphere. The cake was on the opposite side of the room, and the food was on the back wall, so most of our pictures don't have the Frankenstein in it. We have a few with his feet, but it's all part of our unique wedding! The food was delicious, and the cake was the best cake we've ever had! As soon as we walked in to the reception, we were announced and went right into our first dance. We then did the father/daughter and mother/son dances. We did the cake cutting and champagne toast next. We had the DJ choose the music for the cake cutting, garter toss and bouquet toss. He did a great job with the choice of music, and even took requests. Our guests commented that it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

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