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Beaches Turks and Caicos Bride - May 2011!!

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I am going with Tropical Imaging as well.  I am so happy about that because I know that I will be happy with all my pictures.  I am having my hair and make-up done by Shenique - she is off site and came highly recommended.  I am just doing the Beautiful Beginnings wedding package.  I am getting real touch flowers from Angels Accents because I didn't like the flowers that came with the BB package.  I am not have many guests, so it really didn't pay to get another package.  I really need to find my dress now!!!

Originally Posted by lv1044 View Post

Thank everyone!! Im feeling much better after speaking with some of you!!

I think i 've decided to go with tropical imaging for photography offsite. Who are you using?
Also, are you using one of the wedding packages provided or doing something else for decorations? I still havent been able to speak with my WC monica, so im a bit nervous. Also, are you using someone at the resort spa to do your hair/makeup or using someone on the island??

I feel very behind so im getting nervous :0/

Thank for all your help and good luck with your planning as well!!

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